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Advantages over other lending systems


easy setup & quick integrations

Get ready in no time to have your lending solution up and running.


user friendly interface

An easy to use, and organized interface that provides quick access to different modules and features.


automated workflows

Define your customized automated workflows based on eligibility, credit scoring, and data driven analysis.


data driven decisions

Utilize data engineering, metrics, and graphs to assist organizational business decisions.

From Customer Relationship Management and Business Intelligence, to Loan, Payment, and Collection Management modules. abacus suite handles automated lending decisions, based on customer eligibility and credit score. It integrates well with other eqwal products (eqPOS, eCom Buy now pay later, etc.). abacus services can be offered as cloud or as on premises solutions.

abacus consists of different management solutions combined together to give you an out of the box suite that is ready to integrate to your business system with minimal efforts.

User Management

  1. Provides you the ability to create new groups and users suitable for your business hierarchy.
  1. It solves the problem of managing user access to different modules or functionality.

Customer Relationship Management

abacus CRM communicates well with other system modules to determine loan approvals, and other loan related reports or services.

  1. Friendly user interface CRM, organized into different data blocks.
  2. Easy to communicate with different eqwal apps, abacus modules or third party integrations.
  3. Detailed customer data analysis, illustrated as different metrics and graphs.
Customer Relationship Management - 1

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence infrastructure is spread across the platform to help business owners and stakeholders analyze data driven metrics and graphs to make informed decisions.

Loan Management

abacus LMS offers you a dynamic solution to issue and manage loans allowing data, currency and language localization based on your market needs.

  • Loan Calculator

    1. User friendly interface to create new loans or to customize your own loan product type, such as but not limited to Request amount, Tenure, Installments, etc.
    2. Increase your customer retention rate, grant loans conveniently through a unique revolving Credit Limit feature.
  • Loans & Pos System

    1. Widen your network and increase sales through our own cloud POS services. Be it web, or a POS mobile app.
    2. Allow merchants and SMEs to increase their sales, and have their customer purchases divided into different payments.
    3. Ability to manage all POS submitted applications and decide on a manual or automated approval process.
    4. Automatically update both merchants and customers of any loan status update, and keep track of submitted applications for any POS user.
  • Loans & Dashboard

    1. Customizable graphical user interface tool, that is used to track customer loans, loan statuses and many other key performance indicators (KPIs). It is a quick at a glance view of different customer-loan metrics and performances.
  • Loans & Tasks

    1. Define a set of manual or automated tasks for any loan lifecycle phase. Have your team automatically notified of upcoming tasks to complete the loan journey.
    2. Measure turnaround time of any task or process flow.

Collection Management

Each loan has its own payment schedule. Our payment system, is at the core of our Collection Management module, which communicates well with our Task Management to provide a well integrated collection flow suitable for the loan lifecycle.

  • Collection & Tasks

    1. Set the needed manual or automated tasks to ensure a smooth & flexible collection flow.
    2. Manage collections from different channels. Bulk upload collection sheets, and have the system automatically updating payment schedules.
  • Collection & Payment

    1. Our flexible payment handling system can cater for any customer payment amount, updating customers and users of any due future installments.
    2. Have your loan installments and tenure illustrated into an interactive loan schedule with detailed information on settled or remaining payments amounts.
  • Collection & Dashboard

    1. Prioritize clients based on customized rules, behavior scores or dues.
    2. View all repayments statuses on the dashboard.
    3. Customize your collection dashboard view based on your needs.

Accounting Management

A simple management module dedicated to any accounting related functionality. Define your currency conversion rate, bulk-upload payments, or access the needed accounting reports.

POS Management

Create POS, POS users, and start accepting loan applications from partnered merchants or SMEs.

Easy To Use

Easy To Use

Easy to grasp and friendly user interface. Finalize loan approval with smooth flow and minimal steps.

Flexible Process Flow

Flexible Process Flow

Decide on a manual or automated approval flow based on customer eligibility and score card.

3rd Party Integrations

3rd Party Integrations

Easily integrate with 3rd parties solutions for an enhanced customer onboarding experience and accurate loan approval decisions.

More products...

eq POS

Your user friendly and simple loan POS web or mobile application. Get up and running in less than minutes and be ready to expand your sales with consumer purchases financing.

e Com

Allow customers to purchase now and pay later through our eCommerce consumer financing solution. Customers can purchase online and select to checkout with paying later through different installments over a selected period of time.

eq Agent

Allow any on ground sales agent to submit loan applications for interested customers, and have an on spot loan approval or rejection decisions.

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